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What's the first thing .....
   you notice on a sunny day?

   Too much dust and it looks like
   we haven't cleaned in years.   

home cleaning  dusting

To Dust?   or   Not to Dust?
.... That is the question!

Dust builds up everywhere especially on flat surfaces. Making those surfaces look dirty and dull. Remember when dusting to start from top to bottom.

Things to consider:
 1.    A slightly damp microfiber cloth works well when it comes to dusting. Microfiber is excellent at attracting and trapping dust and dirt. You can dust your entire home with a microfiber cloth and a vacuum. And it is just as effective at eliminating dust in a way that requires no additional sprays or chemicals.
 2.    A long handled microfiber duster is ideal for ceiling fans, tall shelves, between appliances, or any place up high. It's microfiber head flexes and contours to reach tight spaces.
 3.    Another good tool for removing dust is a static duster. It is fast and easy, and reaches hard to get places. They look similar to a regular feather duster, but the static charge makes them a whole lot more useful. Like the cloth and wand above, no sprays or chemicals are needed for good results,
 4.    Be sure to vacuum all upholstered furniture, under couch cushions and under furniture; it's also a good idea to vacuum your mattress.
 5.    Shaking out blankets, bedding and area rugs will help cut down on dust.
 6.    Dusting your floor last is always best since dust will settle during cleaning.

Dust is also the cause of allergies and breathing problems for many people. If you dust regularly, you won’t just be cleaning your furniture, lamps and knick-knacks, but also be helping family members who are sensitive to the floating particles.

deep home cleaning  XYZ

Time to Deep Clean .....
your home will be sparkling
and shining clean.

Deep cleaning is a top to bottom process, that is rotated throughout your home. The first step in this process is to make a checklist for every room to be cleaned. Look for things you want to get cleaned; light fixtures, windows, blinds, walls, woodwork, baseboards, etc.

Things to consider:
 1.    First let's pick up and remove the clutter. The purpose of this is simply to clear the surface so that your selected room is ready to clean a little deeper than normal. Pick up clutter throughout the room, like misplaced items and trash, putting them into an appropriate box.
If it's the kitchen, wash and put away dishes.

 2.    Let's start with everything above your head.
    a.    Clear out cobwebs
    b.    Dust or vacuum upper ledges and tops of any window frames
    c.    Dust or vacuum above cabinets
    d.    Dust or clean air vents
    e.    Dust or clean ceiling fans
    f.     Dust or wash light fixtures
    g.    Clean high windows, if reachable

 3.    Next stand up and look at things around eye level
    a.   Dust or wash curtains, if feasible
    b.   Dust tall bookshelves and dust or vacuum other tall furniture
    c.   Clean the cabinets on the outside, especially around knobs
    d.   Then clean the cabinets on the inside, especially the shelves
    e.   Clean windows and window frames
    f.    Dust or clean pictures, mirrors, clocks, & other wall hangings

 4.    Now look at things around waist level. This includes furniture,
tables, woodwork, kitchen counters and cabinets, bedroom night stands
and lamps, bathroom counters and toilets
    a.   Dust or clean flat surfaces
    b.   Dust or polish wood furniture
    c.   Clean leather furniture
    d.   Vacuum & spot clean upholstered furniture
    e.   Wash sheets & change bed linens
    f.    Clean & wipe down sinks & counters
    g.   Scrub showers & bathtubs, if applicable
    h.   Clean toilets, if applicable

 5.    Finally we're at floor level! This includes the floors, baseboards
and anything else that hangs out down there.
    a.   Sweep or vacuum hard floors
    b.   Vacuum rugs and carpets
    c.   Be sure to not forget the stairs
    d.   Spot clean and mop tile or linoleum floors
    e.   Wash small area rugs
    f.    Dust or clean baseboards
    g.   Sweep front and back steps including porch

Deep cleaning is a top to bottom, thorough and complete cleaning which you can follow up with standard or more routine cleaning tasks.

home cleaning  tracking dirt

Tracking Dirt .....
keeping the dirt outside, not in.

How do we keep our floors cleaner, longer? Here are some strategies for lengthening the time between regular cleanings.

Things to consider:
 1.    Remove your shoes upon entering the house. This has been around for awhile and practiced worldwide. An option is to keep indoor slippers by the door to change into.
 2.    This advice goes for "man's best friend" too. Use a towel to clean muddy or dirty paws.
 3.    Have doormats to knock off dirt and debris. Be sure to vacuum or shake them off occasionally. Outside doormats are a must, but also inside is an option.
 4.    Regularly sweeping the porch and steps leading into a house will keep a lot of dirt from getting inside. This could include nearby driveways and sidewalks where build up is occurring.
 5.    Open windows let dust inside. However a lot of this dust collects on screens first. Clean them when you notice build up or at regular intervals.

The more we focus on the dirt getting into our homes, the better our homes look. It's a management process on what works, what's easy and what's the best value.

home cleaning  hardwood floors

Hardwood floors.....
how to keep them looking good.

Hardwood floors can be the focus of your home. They have a rich and natural beauty that is timeless. Also wood flooring is healthier than carpet, and will last for many years with proper care.

Things to consider:
 1.    All hardwood floors should be cleaned at regular intervals.
 2.    Remove dirt and grit with a fine tip broom or dust mop. Or vacuum the floor with a vacuum using the proper attachment or the beater bar turned off.
 3.    Wipe up spills immediately using a dry cloth.
 4.    Avoid walking on hardwood floors with heavy outdoor shoes or high heels.
 5.    Place felt pads on the bottom of furniture.
 6.    Place rugs at all entrances to stop debris and small stones from getting in.
 7.    Use the recommended floor cleaner.
 8.    Many hardwood floors are of the polyurethane kind. If the recommended cleaner is not known, use a generic hardwood floor cleaner.
 9.    Never use wax-based or petroleum-based products on a polyurethane finish.

Your hardwood floor should always look good, but is not always easy. Just dust mopping regularly can make a difference.

home cleaning  fridge

Cleaning the fridge.....
how to stay ahead of the game.

Our refrigerators are not always what they should be. It's easy for spills, muck and odors to add up. Let's go over some of the cleaning chores to stay ahead of a major deep cleaning.

Things to consider:
 1.    Wipe up spills in the fridge as soon as they happen and prevent them from happening, like a plate under something that's known to leak. Also try to wipe the bottoms of containers before they go back in, if dirty.
 2.    Throw away items that have gone bad. And place the things that are soon to go bad where they can easily be seen and reached. It's also a good idea to put dates on questionable items, like leftovers. Use masking tape.
 3.    Every week or so wipe clean the front of the refrigerator, especially the edges and handle. Also the inside edges around the seal. It's easy for these areas to collect muck. Use a mild unscented cleaner for cleaning on the inside.
 4.    Every few months ( or as the urge hits you ), remove the food and clean the insides of the fridge with baking soda and hot water, or a mild unscented cleaner. We don't want harsh chemicals or scents near the food. Be sure to wipe things dry with a clean cloth. If you're going to take awhile, then it would be a good idea to unplug the fridge to save on electricity.
 5.    Odors can be controlled with trays of baking soda, coffee grounds or activated charcoal. Also using tight fitting containers can help control odors, like fish.
 6.    You could also be proactive and line shelves with paper towels or something to collect the muck.

Your refrigerator should be looking better now.
Diligence will make routine cleaning easier.

home cleaning  toilet

How to clean a bathroom .....
in the shortest amount of time.

You could keep your home cleaning supplies in each bathroom for the quickest response. Or you could use a portable tray with everything in it. Make sure the counters are clear. ( Or as clear as possible. They all could go in a box. ) And that all the toys are out of the tub.

The things you'll need include:
 1.    An all-purpose spray cleaner ( We prefer non-toxic cleaners )
 2.    A disinfecting spray cleaner
 3.    A glass spray cleaner
 4.    A toilet cleaning brush
 5.    A microfiber cloth for mirrors
 6.    3 cotton or microfiber cleaning cloths
         (1 for sinks & counters, 1 for tub/shower, 1 for toilet)

Once everything is ready, move quickly to finish fast.
  1.    Spray mirror with glass cleaner
           – wipe clean with microfiber cloth
  2.    Spray down toilet with disinfectant cleaner
  3.    Liberally spray down sink, counter and tub/shower
           with all-purpose cleaner
  4.    Let the cleaner sit for a few minutes to completely clean
           and disinfect
  5.    Scrub inside of toilet with toilet brush
  6.    Quickly wipe down everything that you sprayed
           – wiping down the toilet and toilet bowl last.

Replace counter items and put toys back in the tub.
The floors are now ready to vacuum and mop.