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3 PEOPLE + 2 HOURS = $180 (click to learn more)
White Lotus Home Cleaning
White Lotus House Cleaning Service | Hillsboro | Beaverton | Bethany
White Lotus House Cleaning serving Hillsboro, Beaverton, Aloha, Bethany including 97229
White Lotus House Cleaning LLC
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White Lotus Cleaning Service
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Home Cleaning

(503) 913-4378


Our teams work Monday thru Friday between 8am & 6pm.
Same day service sometimes possible with flexibility.
Saturdays are sometimes possible, but costs more.
We may charge more for an initial deep clean,
if the home hasn't been deep cleaned for a
long time. This is because our employees
must work harder to get things done.

Serving Hillsboro & surrounding areas,
Aloha, Beaverton, Bethany & 97229 areas,
Garden Home and N. Tigard areas,
Forest Grove, Cornelius and Banks.

We are a family owned business in Hillsboro, Oregon.

White Lotus Cleaning LLC

A check is the preferred method of payment, however
PayPal is available for house cleaning payments ...
or as a "gift of cleaning".

( for people with or without a PayPal account )

home cleaning payment

Please note all PayPal home cleaning payments will include a
service charge to cover Paypal's 3.1% fee, as an added tax.
( Or just mail us a check to the address above. )

We also accept your bank's Bill Pay
for home cleaning payments
which is good for people
who don't like to write

About Deep Cleaning ...

The first time, and perhaps the only time.

We welcome people who need a one time deep home cleaning.
Please let us know your home hasn't been cleaned in awhile.
This way our employees are prepared to do their best.

Check here for Standard Cleaning vs Deep Cleaning

See the home cleaning "BLOG", about doing a
good dusting.

We also do apartment cleaning ...

Move-In's and Move-Out's

We welcome people who need apartment home cleaning,
perhaps just once a month, or for those who are moving
out and need an inspection home cleaning.

Non-toxic cleaning methods are good for people with allergies or
chemical sensitivities,  or  any caring person,  or  anyone.   Our
products include HEPA-filter  vacuums for removing allergens,
Seventh Generation disinfectant for natural sanitization,
and microfiber cloths for substance-free cleaning.  

We're happy to arrange your home cleaning the way you want.
natural home cleaning

The Seventh Generation
Guide to Safe & Healthy,
Non-Toxic Cleaning

Naturally Clean explains the dangers
of traditional cleaners in home cleaning
and provides illuminating statistics that
illustrate how the chemicals found in
almost every home are known or likely to
cause a host of serious health problems.

Green Posting Eco Drycleaning

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White Lotus House Cleaning LLC


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